Engstrom Marketing builds brands and guides companies and entrepreneurs who want to launch or build sales for their products and services. Founder Cheryl Engstrom has vast retail and manufacturing experience that touches nearly all items people buy or need: apparel, beauty products, footwear, sports products, furniture and home furnishing, even food and beverage. She knows what retail and retailers want, understands managing inventory, business strategy and sales planning. From nearly every step in the process, Cheryl can help set your product and company up for success.

 How does she know this? Cheryl has successfully launched her own products and licensed a collection in the lighting industry; but first she had to fail -- twice. She has first hand knowledge of the trials and tribulations of launching a product line and helps clients avoid the pitfalls.

Additionally, she understands the business-to-business messaging and marketing strategies and has successfully helped company market to industries of all types.Along with the business and manufacturing end of a product, Cheryl engages with clients to understand the competition, build multi-channel campaigns to launch products, promote seasonal collections, create sustainable campaigns, understand the social space and leave a lasting and meaningful impression. In 2010, she launched Recesso Lighting (www.recessolighting.com) creating a completely new way to decorate recessed lights. That business is now licenses to a national retail/wholesale lighting company.

Cheryl has worked both sides of the marketing aisle leading communications in-house at Nordstrom and Eddie Bauer Corporate Offices, and on the agency side at Ogilvy & Mather, Borders, Perrin and Norrander and, since 1998, Engstrom Public Relations/Marketing,

Most Proud:

I have worked with most of my marketing clients for an average length of time of 12 - 14 years. I build partnerships with clients and become part of their team. I am not your typical agency counting billable hours -- I count our successes.

Second Most Proud:

I failed at my first attempt to launch my product; picked myself up and relaunched it; and relaunched it again. I made all the mistakes and have since been helping others to avoid those mistakes - hindsight is crystal clear and the school of hard knocks really does teach . . . if you listen.

Speaking and Workshop Topics:

  • Turning lemons into lemonade...Taking charge of customer perception and sales

  • So you think you have a product: Finding the product niche to drive sales - make your competition squirm

  • Marketing your new product - understanding multi-channel marketing to drive awareness

  • Telling your story - understand the power of story telling to sell your product

  • Getting press -- do I have a story the media will love?

Want to talk? cheryl@engstrompr.com