Let us help you one-on-one to bring your product to market. Here is what we do.

Create the Program

  • Help reach your target market - who buys your product?
  • Design your launch plan/approach
  • Analyze your competition to determine your own path
  • Understand and analyze sales goals; outlets for sales
  • Build a marketing approach tapping into all tools – print and broadcast media, online media and bloggers, social channels, and events
  • Explore complete cycle of product delivery to assure communications are consistent and reflect the ethos of the brand

Shape the Message

  • Explore communications to reshape and enhance as needed
  • Find your company's voice/style/visuals
  • Tell the company story online, in print and on air
  • Create messaging and brand positioning separating you from the pack
  • Communicate your story in packaging, promotional materials
  • Create website content, design and direction
  • Develop consistent messaging to employees, sales teams, retailers, analysts, influencers, shareholders and consumers


  • Grow your business
  • Launch marketing/PR plan
  • Establish and build company and executive leadership; company spokesperson as leader
  • Drive sales and build customer base with creative online promotions
  • Implement corporate responsibility programs that make a lasting impression
  • Build online communities and communications
  • Analyze, regroup as needed, and build the next steps for sustained growth

Want to learn more. Contact us and let's talk. We want you to succeed and can help guide you through the crazy world of product development and launches.