If you are looking for an experienced presenter and workshop leader for your next meeting, conference or event, look no further. Whether its for a specific event or you want to create your own workshop, we bring valuable content to guide your product launch, help you create marketing that hits home and build sales for new and existing brands.

Proven speaking topics:

  • Turning lemons into lemonade...Taking charge of customer perception and sales
    • Geared toward marketing and sales teams to frame (or re-frame) the way the present and sell your product
    • Understand how to turn around negative customer perceptions and re-frame your message
  • So you think you have a product: Finding the product niche to drive sales - make your competition squirm
    • Geared toward younger companies or entrepreneurs looking to launch a product or collection
    • Learn how to review competition, find your product niche, position your product to stand out from the crowd
  • Marketing your new product - understanding multi-channel marketing to drive awareness
    • Geared toward marketing teams or entrepreneurs who do it all
    • Cut through the clutter to find the right path for your marketing in the crazy world of social media and traditional outlets
  • Telling your story - understand the power of story telling to sell your product
    • Geared toward the whole company
    • Find your voice; your story; your unique sales proposition that will guide your entire company's messaging
  • Getting press -- do I have a story the media will love?
    • Geared toward entrepreneurs and young companies marketing themselves
    • Learn the power of the press and the pitfalls to reaching them

None of these fit?  Let me know what you want to learn and we'll work together to develop an exclusive topic just for you.

Speaking fees:  Contact for specific pricing at Cheryl@engstrompr.com